Melvelle Equipment developed the FP-195-AA 70T tensor to tense rail on plinth track where a curb is in close proximity to the rail. This curb prevents standard tensing and shearing equipment being used.

The innovative FP-195-AA tensor not only solves this special problem, but is light weight, easy to set up and remove, and always grips the rail first time, unlike conventional tensors which can be temperamental in engaging the rail.

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Stroke 250mm
Max tensing force 70T
Max pushing force 0T
Max Operating pressure 700 Bar (10,000 PSI)
Cylinder in-built full bore (extend) relief setting 250 Bar (3,600 PSI)
Hydraulic Oil[1] ISO68
Threaded connections 1 ¾” x 12 TPI UNF (new machines use M50 x 2 thread)
Connecting pins Diameter 40mm
Total weight 350 kg
Assembled length (standard arrangement) 4500 mm
Compatible weld shears Melvelle Equipment Corp’s FP-168 weld shear
Compatible weld moulds Railtech’s PLK JW standard gap & WG68 wide gap
Design life 4000 fully stressed load cycles
Power pack valving: Advance / Hold / Retract
Power pack reliefs Single 700 Bar relief required. (Cylinders have in-built full bore relief)
No. of whip hoses from Power pack 2
Flat face quick connect fitting size 3/8 body
Power pack reservoir size:


Minimum 1 litre of useable oil for every 2 cylinders used
Compatible rail sizes 53 kg/m 60kg/m 68kg/m