The Melvelle Equipment Percussion Sampler provides a quick and easy method of taking plant root and other soil samples. A choice of either split inner tubes or clear plastic inner tubes allow easy sample removal and transport of the sample.

The photo to the left shows a 2.5“ (63mm) sampler with a quick assembly tripod and winch for extracting the sampler.

The petrol powered impact driver is capable of quickly driving the sampler into the ground.

Note: Ground penetration of 11-12 metres is achievable depending on soil composition. Speed to penetrate the ground will also vary.


Tripod Base 2300mm x 2800mm high

Total weight of complete unit 86 kg including hammer

Winch capacity 750 kg, double fall

The impact driving hammer weighs 23 kg

Impact energy of 42 Joules, cycles at 1300 blows per minute approximately.