MANUFACTURING rail track maintenance equipment, geotechnical drilling rigs, portable hydraulic equipment and hand tools, Melvelle Equipment is a second generation, Australian-owned family business. It was established in 1982 and has manufacturing facilities in Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

Our progressive business is expanding its market shares both locally and internationally, with Melvelle Equipment products now sold in every state and territory of Australia, and some overseas countries.

With more than 250 products in our sales range, Melvelle also has new products being prototyped, tested, field trialled and released as an ongoing development program. The products are practical in nature, easily maintained, robust in design, and give outstanding performance.


Specifically for the rail industry, Melvelle Equipment has designed the track pack system. This has been widely accepted by the industry as it reduces a company’s initial capital outlay and overall maintenance costs.

The system is powered by one engine that can be coupled with six different work heads or other hydraulic hand tools. The engines are either petrol or diesel powered and drive the heads hydraulically.

The work heads include Pandrol ‘e’ Clip driver, Pandrol Fastclip inserter and remover, steel sleeper clip inserter and remover, spike puller for removing dog and lock spikes or screws, spike driver, sleeper drill and screw inserter/remover.

Other tools include dedicated units for grinding, shearing, drilling, clipping, pulling and driving rail fasteners.

Melvelle Equipment also distributes various products including Enerpac tensors and rail jacks, Sola track gauges, Rotabroach rail borers, Stanley hydraulic tools, Yanmar powered products and Honda engines.

Melvelle Equipment also performs servicing at its premises or on site and has a small hire fleet that can be utilised to supplement customer’s existing fleets when demand requires.