Rail Weld Shears FP-168 & FP-172

Melvelle Equipment Rail Weld Shears come in a variety of models, including models for tram and crane rail. Each can be powered by a hand pump mounted on the shears or by a petrol or diesel power pack. The shearing force is centred to equalise the lifting and driving in forces on the blades which ensures an inherently stable and flat cut surface on the rail head.


  • Never undercut the weld
  • Weld cuts are flat to minimise grinding
  • Handles balance weight of shears & easier to carry shears up rail ballast.
  • Long internal guiding to stop jack knifing
  • Rollers under the rail head minimise movement

Part No. FP-168-EL

The weld shear range can shear hot rail welds from 62.5mm to 150 mm rail heads.

Blades are available for all sized Standard, Tram and Crane Rails. Other sizes are available on request.

Note: Weights quoted include the two shear blades.