FP -123 Skid Steer Mounted Drilling Rig

The Melvelle FP-123-EY is a versatile easy to use drilling rig for use with a range of skid steer loaders to perform both general drilling and specialty earthing works.

Optional drill head modules allow transformation into a diamond or core sample recovery drilling rig.


  • Rig driven from skid steer loader hydraulics
  • Compatible with all loaders utilising the Bobtach interface system from S185 upwards
  • Sliding carriage with drill head and Stanley driver
  • Emergency stop and safe trip line (isolates rig from hydraulics)
  • Air/water swivel
  • Hydraulic 90mm rod clamp
  • Removable dust extraction housing
  • Adjustable drilling feed pressure
  • Earth stake guide fingers integrated into mast
  • Front stabiliser legs


  • Dust extraction fan unit and dust bag house
  • Auger guide up to 400mm
  • Rear stabiliser legs
  • High speed drill head for diamond drilling
  • Swing open head for core sample recovery


  • Drill Head Performance: Torque 1330 Nm @185bar (2680psi)
  • Spindle 165 rpm @78L/min (20.7Gpm)
  • Weight: approx 650kg
  • Mast feed force: 6,000 kg

Available accessories options

  • Range of rods and joiners
  • Chevron Cutters
  • Down–the–hole (DTH) hammers and bits
  • Geofoam foaming agent