Power Mite Drilling Rig – Screw Feed

Power Mite Drilling system is principally made as a very light diamond drilling system. All components are hydraulic powered including the optional 55 litre/min 250-400 psi triplex, flat plate valve triplex piston water pump, eliminating the need for mechanical drives. Depending on the drill head fitted, light augering can be carried out up to (225mm diameter). All weights and specifications are only an indication of the sizes and range of options available.Drill heads may also be supplied as hand held diamond or hand held hydraulic drills with a range of valve sequences, (forward, neutral, reverse), for drilling by hand underwater, inside piers, and other remote/awkward situations.The screw feed model is better suited where the screw is not laying in the earth however the pulling/thrust forces (2500 kg) are around twice that of the chain feed for similar weights. If the rig is to be laying in mud and dirt then the chain feed drill would be more suitable. The feed is 2.2 metres enabling the rig to be placed into very inaccessible sites. The construction is well suited to mounting with scaffolding type mountings and is light enough to be raised in elevating platforms. The console can be basic with speed control on feed (optional feed Pressure control), and an inbuilt water swivel for diamond drilling. A full infinitely variable speed and feed system can be built either by flow control valving or by powering the rig with our high performance power pack with full infinitely variable axial piston pump.A range of single speed motor in increments of 3.0, 4.5, 6.0, 12.0, 14, 18, 22 and 32 cubic inch motors giving a torque range from 130 NM to 1460 NM and speeds from 1000 rpm to 100 rpm.Weights:- Mast weight 92kg, 13hp Honda Power pack 89Kg, Console 35 kg, Optional 25 metres Thermoplastic holes 31kg to extend the remote operation capabilities.Photos

Right hand side top to bottom,Site job in Sydney sand stones, PCD 75mm Bit, mast anchored onto a rock wall, elevating platform with mast anchored to rock, In the next photo note the HC13 power pack (bottom right of photo) it shows a clearer view of the individual components, and finally the system as a self contained diamond drilling portable rig with a hydraulically powered triplex piston pump powered from the same hydraulic power pack as the rig.

Bottom row left to right: RD102 E-rod, RD103 A_rod, Hydraulic driven (from rig power pack) triplex piston pump. Max 55L/Min 400 psi max. Relief set to 250 psi, HC10D power pack, HC13 Power Pack.