Pantographic Screw Spike Driver

Rail screws by Cold Forge Products and AJAX Fasteners were developed for rail track with timber sleepers.

The following benefits are all realized when Cold Forge Products or AJAX Fasteners rail screws are used:

  • Fewer maintenance personnel
  • Safer insertion: No manual standing of screws reducing repetitive bending and hammering of spikes
  • Less time to complete the job
  • Longer time span required between maintenance

For more information on COLD FORGE PRODUCTS visit or for DOGSCREWTM by AJAX Fasteners visit


  • 7HP Diesel or 13hp Petrol
  • Magnetic screw pick-up
  • Reversible screw feed assembly
  • Large screw carrying capacity
  • Drill spindle always vertical
  • Reduced operator effort due to counter-balance of frame


  • Maximum torque available is approx. 525Nm at 2,500psi
  • Maximum rotational speed 120 rpm
  • Cycle time from pick up to complete insertion of screw is approx. 6 seconds

Approximate dimensions:

  • Length 2137mm
  • Width 800mm (over handles)
  • Height 800 mm (over head

Approximate total weight:

  • Power pack, screwing head, arms, power pack support, trolley, screw feeder & bin total approx. 175kg

Melvelle Pantographic Screw Spike machine

Melvelle Pantographic Screw Spike machine