For transporting, lifting and transposing rail, the Ironman is generally used in pairs. The standard model is fitted with a 1120791 – 1,500kg Yale Pull-Lift and a 1120589 – 1,000kg Camlok rail clamp.

Each unit requires two persons for assembly and is easily dismantled for storage and transportation.

Unit is fully braked and approved by Network Rail UK.

TOC Waver also available.

Part No. 1120790 – 1435
(includes 1170791 & 1120589)


Product Part No. Mass (kg) Cert. No. SWL
Ironman c/w lifting


28957 153 PA05/03385 1500kg
LUL Ironman c/w lifting


28717 141 PE007/1057 1500kg
Ironman w/o lifting


28397 112 1500kg
LUL Ironman w/o

lifting equipment

33273 104 1500kg
2-Rail Carrier 35212 4.0 1000kg
Rail Storage Bracket 28511 7.0 500kg
Adaptor Link (for use

with Camlok)

27924 1.0 1500kg
Camlok Rail Clamp 040590057 12.5 1000kg
LUL Rail Clamp 06275 8.5 1500kg
Yale Pul-Lift 040590025 15.0 1500kg
S&C lifting chain 28640 6.0 3150kg
Red LED light 040820218 0.1 N/A
Top Beam 31
Braked End Frame Assembly 36
UnBraked End Frame Assembly 34
Bottom Cross beam 11

Adaptor link

2-Rail Carrier

Red LED Light

Camlok Rail Clamp

LUL Rail Clamp

Rail Storage Bracket