Rail Weld Shears FP-168 & FP-172

Hydraulic oil temperature control is carried out at every step of the design and manufacture process. The hydraulic oil reservoir is an aluminium casting with heat dissipating fins shaped to maximise the surface area in contact with the atmosphere. Heat transferred from the engine crankcase through the pump bell housing to the pump is restricted with an insulating gasket as well as air ventilating holes through the bell housing. The pump receives attention at our factory to further improve its efficiency and reduce heat generation. The whole design concept is for a reliable working unit.

Model FP-115-1 FP-115-4 FP-115-5
Engine Honda 5.5HP Petrol Yanmar 4.8HP Diesel Electric Diesel
Dimensions (mm) 510 x 400 x 420 510 x 400 x 500 580 x 475 x 415
Weight (kg) 36.5 37.5 50
Pressure (psi) 3,650 3,650 3,600

Part No. FP-115-1

Honda Recoil Start

Part No. FP-115-4

Yanmar Recoil Start

Part No. FP-115-5

Yanmar Electric Start

The above Powerpacks come standard with 4.6m hoses, however longer hoses are available allowing the Powerpack to be left on the truck/ute:

10m Hoses – Part No. H062-10000-008; Part No. H062-10000-034

24m Hoses – Part No. H062-24000-008; Part No. H062-24000-034

30m Hoses – Part No. H062-30000-008; Part No. H062-30000-034

Melvelle High Pressure Weld Shear – FP-168-EQ