The MEC Welders Crate is designed to support and convey equipment required for welding and any other general rail maintenance needs.

The crates are designed to attach to the Permaquip ‘Type B’ Trolleys that are rated to a 2000kg capacity, the welders crate itself is rated to hold up to 1500kg uniformly distributed load (UDL) inside the crate.

The welders crate features include:

  • Gas bottle supports
  • Lockable toolbox
  • Removable doors
  • Fuel tank holder
  • Hand tool holders
  • Rear adjustable legs
  • Certified Lifting points
  • Forklift pockets

By utilising the welders’ crate with the Permaquip Type B 2T trolley, the operators can safely move and pack the necessary items for projects onto the crate and move them along the track as a single unit.

The welders’ crate is also able to be designed to have features added/removed according to the customer requirements – contact MEC for further information.

Part No. FP-112-WC

With Toolbox & Jerry can holder – Part No. FP-112-WCT