• Lifts rail from sleepers to assist in pad replacements
  • Simple one-man operation
  • Allows rapid renewal of all types of pad fitted under concrete sleepers
  • Cycle time of only 20 seconds – Up to 1000m/hr
  • Up to 125mm rail lift, allowing access to 16 – 20 sleepers per cycle


Noise dB (a)84 – 96
Length1560 mm
Width (rams up)1900 mm
Height480 mm
Weight (Without Power Pack Assembly215 kg
Power Pack Assembly Mass15kg

Operating Pressure

The operating pressure of the RJT is set between 2,300 psi and 3,000 psi. This is maintained by the system pressure relief.

Operating Performance

The performance limits of the RJT are;

Maximum SWL UDL on trolley deck750 kg
Maximum Lift Ram Force4.1 – 5.3 tonnes
Maximum Lift (without extension or supports)127 mm
Maximum Pad Replacement400/hour
Maximum Under Rail Roller Placement1000m/hour

The RJT can be used to lift the following rail types of rail section

Part No. 1121012