Hydraulic Vertical Lifting Wedge

Specifications – LW Series

Maximum Lifting Force: 16 ton

Lifting Stroke: 21 mm

Tip Clearance / Maximum Spread: 10mm / 81,5mm

Maximum Operating Pressure: 700 bar

Part No. 1121018

Hydraulic Wedge and Spread Cylinders

Specifications – WR-5 Series

Capacity: 0,75 – 1,50 ton

Tip Clearance: 12,8 – 35 mm

Maximum Spread: 94 – 292 mm

Maximum Operating Pressure: 700 bar

Weight: 2.3kg

Part No. 1121016

Lifting Underground Rail Cars Remotely

Convenient Kit Includes Jack, Hand Pump, and 2x Hoses to lift heavy loads from a safe distance. Part No. 1121017

Replaces mechanical and self-contained hydraulic jacks.

Remote Lifting Jacks Kit with battery operated pump (package includes 2x Track Jacks, 2x 3m and 1x 1.8m hoses, Cordless Pump & 2x Port Manifold) Part No. 1121050

Underground Rail Alignment

Part No. 1121015

Rail Alignment tool easily and safely realigns underground rail.

Helps to maintain gauge and rail alignment to decrease potential derailments and thereby increase productivity.

Nut Splitter

Part No. 1121052

Package includes hand pump, nut splitter, gauge, gauge

adaptor, couplers and hose (optional battery pump).