Spike Puller–FP-108

Pulls both lock and dog spikes from all grades of wooden sleepers. With 8 tonnes of pulling power, even well rusted dog spikes in swollen Australian Hardwood are no match for the Melvelle Spike Puller. There are now several jaw housings available as pictured below including the original and still popular swivel foot. Low cycle time is achieved with a regenerative return circuit (cycle times as low as 3 seconds). All electric start machines have a night light option (see accessories).


  • Dual handles controls, keeps operator’s feet well clear of jaws
  • Pulls both lock and dog spikes, both jaw types supplied with machine
  • 94 kN (9.4 tonne) pulling force, much higher than our competitors
  • Spare parts readily available from our workshop
  • Machine weight counterbalanced for minimum operator effort
  • All trolley gauges available including dual gauge trolleys
  • Emergency stop
  • Brake lever

Melvelle Spike Puller