Height Templates

The Rotabroach system eliminates the need for individual templates saving time and expense. To move from one rail form to another, operators only need to release the centre screw, turn the template to the appropriate position and locate it on the dowels before re-tightening.

Part No’s:

1121402 – 22kg/m / 1121317 30kg/m / 1120548 31kg/m / 1120988 41.5kg/m

1121479 – 47kg/m / 1121480 50kg/m / 1121481 53kg/m / 1121482 60kg/m

1120881 68kg/m / 1120584 50-53kg/m / 1120832 73kg/m

1120584 50-53kg/m / 1120386 53-60kg/m / 1120585 50-60kg/m / 1120387 41-47kg/m

Hole Centre Locators

To ensure that the holes are correctly distanced from centre to centre, a hole centre location unit is available which fits on top of the rail and can quickly be secured by tightening two handles. Recesses in the plate are designed to accommodate the machine as it is lowered into position. These features provide complete accuracy when working in difficult and low light conditions.

Part No.:     

1120389 3-Hole Locator 41-47-53kg/m

1120399 3-Hole Locator 50-60kg/m                  

1120699 2-Hole Locator 50-60kg/m                  

1120915 Hole Centre Locator for Insulated Rail Joints 68kg/m plus base 1120916

Quick Release Rail Clamp

The Rotabroach rail machine is equipped with a quick release rail clamp system, enabling the rail clamp to be easily removed from the rail with a single movement of the release handle. Will save time when drilling multiple holes.

Tram Adaptor Kits

Tram adaptor kits include height template, clamp adaptor and could also include packer plate, bas plate insert and arbour extension.

Kits available for various sized Tram rail.

Railway TCT & HSS Cutters – designed to cut even the toughest of rail

Available cutter sizes 18mm – 36mm   Most common sizes listed below, Special sizes available on request

M42 Solid twist drills available 6-27.5mm – drilling depth 25mm

Part No.:      1121105 – Adaptor to take Bonding Drill 9/32” or 7.14mm

Part No.:      1120975 – Adaptor to take the Twist Drill bit

Drill TypePart No.ØmmShort SeriesLong Series
Tungsten CarbideRCTCT2525 – 322518-32Rotabroach Pilot PinsRotabroach Pilot Pins
High Speed SteelRCHSSC1825 – 322518-32Part No.RangePart No.Range
Twist Lock, also suits TrakstarTS15236








Bio-Degradable Cutting Fluid 20L     Part No. 1120941

Stick Lubricant                                      Part No. RCSTICKLUB