Ballast Fork

Part No. 1120900

The all steel Ballast Fork is used by Railway workers for moving roadbed ballast allowing dirt to fall through the forks

Ballast Shovel (Pelican Pick)

Part No. 1120511

Ideal for picking & scraping loose surfaces and moving loose ground materials. Hardened and tempered point for durability with a lacquered premium Australian hardwood handle.

Handle (oval eye) to suit Pelican Pick: Part No. 1120684

De-Clipping Bar

Part No. 1120887

Fastclip hand tools

Narrow Clip FC1509-FC1511 Installation Tool – Part No. 1120445

Narrow Clip FC1509-FC1511 Extraction Tool – Part No. 1120447

Wide Clip FC1501-FC1507 Installation Tool – Part No. 1120970

Wide Clip FC1501-FC1507 Extraction Tool – Part No. 1120971

Fish Bolt Spanners

Spanner for 42mm nuts, 800mm OAL – Part No. 1120330

Spanner for 22mm nuts, 800mm OAL – Part No. 1120839

Other sizes available on request

Hammer sledge

10 lb with Hickory Handle – Part No. 1120972-10

10 lb with Fibreglass Handle – Part No. 1120972-10-FG

14 lb with Hickory Handle – Part No. 1120972-14

14 lb with Fibreglass Handle – Part No. 1120972-14-FG

Replacement Hickory Handle – Part No. 1121135

All are 900mm OAL

Kicking Tool

Part No. 1120806

Sleeper Eye Cleaner, Removes Dirt from Sleeper Holes

Lining Bars

Suits Enerpac/Simplex A-Series mechanical Track Jacks

Part No. 1120634

Nipping Bar

Nipping bar has flat plate attached at the head of the bar to give platform base for leverage on rail ballast

Part No. 1120414

Pad Scraper – Heavy Duty

Part No. 1120890

The Rail Pad Scraper is used to remove grease and debris from pads whilst refurbishing or servicing and carrying routine track work. Built to cope and tackle the debris that can build up over long periods the synthetic handle assists easy removal of stubborn rubbish

Panpuller hand tools

Panpuller (As Shown in Picture) – Part No. 1120830-MEC

Panpuller (Genuine Pandrol) – Part No. 1120356

Panpuller Replacement Hooks (Genuine Pandrol) – Part No. 1120443

Panpuller Timber/Concrete 5 hole – Part No. 1120468

Panpuller replacement 5 hole Hook and Pin – Part No. 1120602

Panpuller is specifically designed for Pandrol brand type ‘E’, ‘P’ and ‘PR’ series clips. All Steel construction supplied painted with synthetic handles.

Weight = 6.0kg

Pansetter hand tools

Pansetter (As Shown in Picture) – Part No. 1120831

Pansetter (Genuine Pandrol) – Part No. 1120357

Pansetter Replacement Rollers – Part No. 1120444

Pansetter is specifically designed for the installation of Pandrol clips.

All steel construction supplied in spray painted finish with synthetic handles.
Weight = 6.5kg

Pin Punchs

Rail bolt and rivet punch and handle, available in a range of sizes with or without neoprene

Pigs Feet

Standard Pattern – Part No. 1120218

Thorley and Sons Pattern – Part No. 1120219

Lock Spike Extractor (200mm OAL) – Part No. 1120152


Straight Podger – Part No. 1120902

Curved Podger – Part No. 1120257

Bar Wedge and Podger End (Cone End) – Part No. 1120266

40 mm DIA to 10mm DIA, 300mm Long

Point Scraper Tool

Part No. 1120888

Rail Square

1655 mm long – Part No. 1120251

1807 mm long – Part No.1120418

Rail Turning Bars

47/49kg – Part No. 1120225

53/60kg – Part No. 1120149

Rail turning bar for flat bottom rail

Safelok hand tools

Clip Installer tool – Part No. 1120939

Universal removal tool – Part No. 1120532

Spike Hammers

Spiking Hammer with Fibreglass Handle – Part No. 1120503-M

Comes with 900mm pinned steel core non-slip fibreglass handle

Head secured to the handle in accordance with Australian Standard 3797:1991
Lanyard hole in handle

Spike Pulling Bars

Wedge / Chisel End – Part No. 1120222

Podger End (Cone End) – Part No. 1120221

Lock Spike Extractor 200mm OAL with Pigs foot – Part No. 1120152

Spike Pulling Bar (or Claw Bar) is approximately 1650mm long with a 30 diameter shaft. The bar is fully forged with optional tapered or 38mm Square end for mechanical rail jack.

Weight is approximately 9.5kg.

For other configurations of Spike Pulling Bar

Please specify end required

Torque Wrench

Brake Test Dial Torque Wrench 1/2″ Drive (16-80Nm) Suit Permaquip Trolleys – Part No. 1120973

Brake Test Dial Torque Wrench 1/4” (2-24Nm) Suit MEC Braked Trolleys – Part No. 1081332

Nortronic Electronic Torque Wrench ½” Drive (30-330Nm) 915MHz – Part No. 1121526

TORQ Battery Torque Wrench range 27-271Nm – Part No. 1121529-200

TORQ Battery Torque Wrench range 81-678Nm – Part No. 1121529

TORQ Battery Torque Wrench 1” square drive – Part No. 1121529-SQD

Traklok Hand Tools

Traklok B2809 Steel Sleeper Clip Applicator Tool Angled Handle B296, B286, Zip9 – Part No. 1120455

Traklok B2902 Steel Sleeper Clip Removal Hand Tool Suit B296, B286 And Zip9 Clips – Part No. 1120456

Traklok B2802 Steel Sleeper Clip Insertion Tool Straight Handle B296,B286,Zip9 – Part No. 1120976

Traklok B2803 Steel Sleeper Install Tool Dual GGE Track B296, B286, Zip9 Clips – Part No. 1120977

Traklok 2904 Steel Clip Removal Tool Traklok 1 – Part No. 1120978

Welders Hot and Cold Sets

Hot Set with Fibreglass Handle – Part No. 1120794

Cold Set with Fibreglass Handle – Part No. 1120493

Wrench Drive

Part No. 1160259

1” drive ratchet