Bow plates – 31kg/m Rail             Part No. 1120641

Bow plates – 40kg/m Rail             Part No. 1120145

Bow plates – 47kg/m Rail             Part No. 1120144

Bow plates – 50kg/m Rail             Part No. 1120351

Bow plates – 53kg/m Rail             Part No. 1120143

Bow plates – 53/60kg/m Rail       Part No. 1121189

Bow plates – 60kg/m Rail             Part No. 1120142

Bow plates – 68kg/m Rail             Part No. 1120702

G-Clamp and Universal Clamp

Suits 50kg/m Rail – Part No. 1120875

Suits 60kg/m Rail – Part No. 1120594

Suits 68kg/m Rail – Part No. 1120703

Suits 68kg/m Rail with Packer Bloc – Part No. 1120703-B

Holds fish plates against web of the rail 

Universal Rail clamp – Part No. 1121328-GCU

Suits 41-68kg/m rail

Clamps – Temporary for Rail for 31-60kg


  • No fiddly keeper plate to install
  • Same sized nut as fish bolts 

31kg Rail – Part No. 1121357-31

41kg-47kg Rail – Part No. 1121357-4147

50kg Rail – Part No. 1121357-50

53kg-60kg Rail – Part No. 1121357-5360

Clamp – Temporary Fassetta

Part No. 1120660

Single clamp designed to hold rail together prior to welding

Approved for use with Aurizon

Point Clip

Part No. 1120309

Holds switch blade flange and foot of rail together & allows the barrel nut to be locked

Tie Bar – Insulated

Part No. 1121465-1067

Part No. 1121465-1435

Part No. 1121465-1600