Drag Clamp

The 12 ton Drag Clamp is for fitting over the head of the rail, and is a means of dragging or pulling lengths of rail up to 183m (600ft) long safely. The clamp is used with various formats of tow chain and wire ropes, the most popular being a 2m or 4m long, 16mm grade 8, twin chain sling with large master link at each end (minimum breaking load 42.4 tonnes).

Pulling Clamp – 20T

DescriptionPart No.
Rail Drag Clamp 12T WLL (60kg,68kg)1120796
Shear link assembly with shackles1120797
Chain for drag clamp 16mm x 4m1120798
Chain for drag clamp 16mm x 2m1120799
DescriptionPart No.
Rail Dragging cam 20T WWL (41-68kg)1121119
Rail Pulling cam 20T WWL R:57kg Tram Rail1121119-57
Rail Pulling cam 10T WWL MRS86 Rail Rail1121119-MRS86
Rail Dragging cam chain assembly:

Consisting of 1 leg x 2m long x 16mm chain

Consisting of 1 leg x 5m long x 16mm chain

Consisting of 1 leg x 10m long x 16mm chain







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