Fast Clip & Traklok II Jaw Options (Quick Change)

The Fastclipper work-head has the capabilities to remove and install both insulated and non-insulated Traklok II clips that are insulated and non-insulted.

Choice of jaws:

Item Number Number Required Description Part Image
1640146 2 FastClip Clip up Jaw (All rail sizes)
1640215 2 FastClip and Traklok II (non-insulated) UnClip Jaw (41-68kg rail)
1640106 2 Unclip Jaw Blade
CSF1228 6 Countersunk Cap Screws
1640216 4 Unclip Jaw Pin
1640193 2 Traklok II B296 Steel Clip up Jaw
1640201 1 Traklok II Reaction Plate with unclip jaws (41-68kg rail)
1640183 2 Traklok II insulated/non-insulated unclip jaw (2x jaws included in 1640201)