E-Clip/PR Clip Remover – FP-186

The Elastic fastener remover has been recognised by NSW Mining and Hunter Manufacturing as the safest method of removing Pandrol E and PR railway fasteners. The machine is Network Rail Approved and CE Certified.

The machine will remove the fasteners in many track conditions without the need for the operator to use hammers. Even Frozen / Rusted clips can be successfully removed with this work head.

The E-Clip/PR Clip remover is currently one of nine hydraulic work heads available for the Trackpack system.


  • Removes the requirement of hitting clips with a hammer, preventing operator injury
  • Machine weight counterbalanced for minimum operator effort – attaches to a Trackpack or dedicated powerpack
  • Leaves E-Clips in parked position ready for reinsertion
  • Under normal conditions – clips up E/PR Clip on either side of one rail in approx 2-5 seconds
  • Under Severe conditions – unclips E/PR Clips on either side of one rail in approx 6-180 seconds and may also require heating of the shoulder to assist with removal
  • Dual trigger operation for safety


Melvelle E-Clip removal work-head (item number FP-186)

Melvelle Rail Maintenance Machine Trolley with E-Clip Removal work-heads