E-Clip/PR Clip Remover – FP-186-EYE

The 186-EYE E-Clip Remover is designed to remove E and PR Clips (elastic fasteners) that are broken at the shoulder or severely weathered where conventional methods are no longer successful.

The 186-EYE has the ability to be used on rail sizes from 41kg/m to 68kg/m rail using traditional concrete sleepers and can be swivelled from one side of the rail to the other in a matter of seconds.

This machine strikes the end of the clip inside the shoulder and punches the clip out, while supporting the shoulder of the sleeper. In severe conditions heating of the shoulder may also be required to assist in clip removal.

By using the “186-EYE Broken E-Clip Remover”, injuries from traditional methods of removing these clips (swinging hammers) have been eliminated. These are (but not limited to):

  • Back strain
  • Repetitive strain injury
  • Hammer strikes to legs
  • Damage to feet through striking/or clips hitting ball of foot
  • Struck by flying clips
  • Infrastructure damage


  • Counterbalanced design (user to lift <5kg during operation)
  • Emergency stop, hose covers, dual handed operation
  • Guarding and lifting points (mechanical lifts)
  • Trackpack work-head


  • Flow (L/min): 30
  • Pressure (psi) max: 1,500
  • Weight (kg) wet: 108
  • Length (mm): 1,600
  • Width (mm): 740
  • Height (mm): 1,000

Melvelle E-Clip removal work-head (removes whole or broken E-Clips down the eye of the shoulder – item number FP-186-EYE)

Changing sides of the rail

The 186-EYE is designed to alternate between rail sides quickly and easily.

The operator handles are designed to position the operator on the opposite side of the rail to the hammer, this is for two reasons:

  • The handles counterbalance the weight of the hammer, keeping load on the operator to a minimum (< 5kg).
  • The operator is removed from the line of force, eliminating any risk of being struck by a flying clip.