E-Clip/PR Clip Inserter and Remover – FP-190-HH Hand Held

This innovative lightweight design eliminates the need for an operator to apply high force to a Panpuller while standing on unsteady ballast, as well as stops operators overdriving clips, which reduces the toe load on the clip. This machine is ideally suited to small output gangs on shutdowns and spot work.


  • Part No. FP-190-HH
  • Lightweight
  • Unique ram system applies 4 tonne insertion and extraction force.
  • Suitable for inserting galvanised clips.
  • Operate with any ½” square drive high torque impact wrench


  • Stroke: 107mm
  • Clipping force: 4T
  • Weight in operation: 14kg
  • Weight without jaws: 13kg
  • Time per clip (dependent on condition): 4-8 seconds
  • Sleepers per minute. Dependent on conditions and operator. (Both sides of rail and both clips): 1.2 complete sleepers
  • Impact wrench input square drive size: ½”
  • Minimum required impact torque from wrench: 200Nm
  • Ideal impact wrench torque for quick operation: 800+Nm
  • Rail size capacity: 41-68kg
  • Recommended impact wrenches: As below
  • Recommended battery capacity: 5Ah or larger
  • Typical impact wrench voltages: 18-20V

Milwaukee High Torque impact wrench

Dewalt high torque impact wrench

Ingersoll Rand high torque wrench

Makita high torque impact wrench