Nominal voltage

52 volts

Charging voltage

56 volts

Battery charge time (from discharged state)

2 hours (2 batteries), 4 hours (4 batteries)

Range (4 batteries)

Up to 70km

ER deck maximum payload

700 kg

Brake wheel mass

20.5 kg

Driven wheel mass

20.5 kg

Chassis mass

56.0 kg

Deck half mass (Emergency Response, 1435 gauge, no hand rails)

17 kg

Battery mass (per unit)

7 kg

Maximum vehicle speed

10 km/h

Periodic Maintenance

Maintenance Free

Peak motor torque

139.7 Nm

Peak motor braking torque

139.7 Nm

Park brake holding torque

100 Nm

Stowage Unit – to fit into lift well