E-Clip (inserts and removes)
  • Part No. FP-190-TP
  • Clips and De-Clips E, PR and vandal proof clips with 4T of insertion and extraction force
  • Clips up where sleepers have dropped
  • Dual trigger operation for safety
  • Emergency stop and work light


  • Flow (L/min): 30
  • Pressure (psi) max: 2,700
  • Weight (kg) wet: 106
  • Length (mm): 1,100
  • Width (mm): 740
  • Height (mm): 1,000

Setup & operation of Melvelle E-Clip work-head video (item number FP-190)

Melvelle E-Clip work-head (FP-190) unclipping in New York Metro on checkrail

Melvelle E-Clip work-head (FP-190) clipping up in New York Metro on checkrail