Vertical Rail Joint Straightener

The Permaquip Rail Joint Straightener is a great solution to rectify dipped track joints. When rail ends are not aligned, drilling and plating the track can be very difficult, but this product can solve that problem. Made to a high engineering specification, the Rail Joint Straightener corrects this alignment safely and accurately, making the other activities easier and delivering a perfect finish to the track joint. The right specification achieved every time.


  • Portable unit for straightening dips
  • Recovers up to 25mm dips
  • Fish plated and welded joints
  • UP to 40 joints per hour


Engine: Petrol
Noise da (a): 86-90
Weight: 317kg
Length: 2025mm
Width: 1750mm
Height: 1310mm

Operating Pressure

The Maximum Operating Pressure of the Vertical Rail Straightener Joint is

  • Pressure to lift a dipped joint (ram extended) – 3,000 psi (20.7 MPa)
  • Pressure to close (ram retracted) – 500 psi (3.4 MPa)

Operating Performance

The Performance limits of the Rail Straightener joint are

  • Ram force – 50.15 tonnes
  • Maximum force at rail joint – 103 tonnes

Part No.   1120805