Track Gauges – Non-Collapsible

Each gauge has a track superelevation measuring device combined with track gauge measuring instrument and all gauges are supplied with calibration certificates.

Track Gauges – Collapsible

1435mm   Part No. 1120461

1600mm   Part No. 1120462

Track Gauge – Storage Box

Part No. 1120125-BOX

Part No. 1120125-BOXGEISMAR

Timber storage box available in a clear lacquer.

Turnout Gauges

Measures both Frog and Flangeway in one simple to use device.

Switch Gauge

1435 mm – Part No. 1120908-1435

1067 mm – Part No. 1120908-1067

1600 mm – Part No. 1120908-1600

Switch Track Gauge instructions

SOLA Gauges

1000mm Part No. 1120325

1067mm  Part No. 1120327

1435mm Part No. 1120125

1600mm Part No. 1120324

Abtus – Digital Gauges

1067mm Part No. 1121329-1067

1435mm Part No. 1121329-1435

1600mm Part No. 1121329-1435