Rail Head Wear Gauge

Rail head wear measuring gauge

Part No. ABT4090

Rail Head Wear Gauge – Magnetic Sidecut

Gauge is held in place by two magnets to measure Rail head wear

Part No. ABT5200

Rail Profile Height Measuring Gauge 68kg

Measures wear of rail head in relation to foot of rail.

Machined to ensure accuracy +- 0.2mm

Part No. 1121541-68KG

Gauges for other rail sizes available upon request

Stepped Side-wear Gauge

Part No. ABT4590-70

Measures vertical alignment

Switch Wear Gauge

Part No. ABT4006

Used to visually check wear in a switch & crossing

Rail Temperature Measurement

RailtempMate is an innovative automated critical rail temperature monitoring system.

Key Advantages

  • Removes the need for manual on track measurements
  • Optimises resource management
  • Reliability, accuracy and repeatability
  • Rapid response to changeable weather systems
  • Continuously measures track temperature
  • Remotely controlled and programmable
  • Innovative and state-of-the art communications platform