Cyclic Top Measuring Device (CTMD)

Part No. ABT7000

The Abtus ABT7000 is a measuring device which records cyclic top geometry while being pushed by an operator at walking speed.

Cyclic top track geometry data is transmitted from the measuring device via Wifi to a Windows device supplied with the Cyclic Top Software. The software displays track geometry data including distance, Cant, Twist and Gauge in real time. The cyclic top analysis can be viewed at the end of a measurement. The data is saved as a .csv file containing distance, Cant, Twist and Gauge data and as a pdf containing the cyclic top analysis report. PDF reports can be transferred to other devices by using a USB flash drive.

The ABT7000 is intended to be used for the measurement of cyclic top faults. The software also allows the device to be used to measure track geometry. The operator should refer to the ABT7000 instruction manual for further details.

The CTMD is designed with the following characteristics:

  • Portable – one user can lift onto and off the track
  • Compact – breaks up into three parts for transportation/storage
  • Accurately records Gauge, Cant, Distance and Cyclic Top depth and cycles for railway maintenance
  • Non – conducting – the gauge is insulated and therefore does not create electrical contact between the two running rails
  • Lights – the device is fitted with lights on the front and the back
  • Sturdy – the gauge is designed to be solid in structure
  • Colour – the device is predominantly yellow
  • User – friendly with only limited training required


ABTUS ABT7000 Max Cyclic Top Trolley