Cordless Hydraulic Pump

Performance of a powered pump
Portability of a Hand Pump


Reservoir Capacity: 1-2 litres

Flow at Rates Pressure: 0.25 l/min.

Maximum Operating Pressure: 700 bar


  • G2535L Gauge – Minimises risk of overloading and ensures long dependable service being cordless.
  • Battery Packs contain no cadmium, so they are environmentally friendly.
  • 28 – Volt Battery – the XC – 28V with Lithium-lon technology for a maximum battery performance (Milwaukee branded battery).
  • Battery Charger – 1 hour quick charge.

1.8m Hose Part No. 1121031 / 3.0m Hose Part No. 1121032

Remote Lifting Jacks Kit (package includes 2x Track Jacks, 2x 3m and 1x 1.8m hoses, Cordless Pump & 2x Port Manifold) Part No. 1121050

Extra Battery for Pump Part No. 1121033

Part No. 1121014

Double Acting Pump Part No. 1121014-D